Sunday, January 29, 2012

My Blue Heaven

This is how your window should look when you get the two files sized so you can see them both at the same time.
This the button you will find on the Align panel group. On the MAC it is labeled Relative to Object, and then when you click on it -- it changes to Relative to Canvas. On the PC it might be labeled Arrange Button.
Once you have clicked on that button, you will be able to align vertical and horizontal so the image is in the center of the blue canvas you created. See where the line is through the middle going up and down and the other one in the middle going left and right. You will click on both of them to center the image.
Here is the button for the Live Filter option. It is in the Properties window at the bottom of your screen.

This is how it should look when you finish.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Panels Dock

The Panels Dock is on the right side of the Document window.
There are many options on the panel. One thing you should practice is opening and collapsing windows. You can open and collapse these panels by double clicking on a blank space on the top of any panel.

You can make panels visible by clicking on Windows on the Menu bar at the top of the window and selecting the panel you need to see. Any panel with a checkmark by it is already visible.

The Tools Panel and Property Inspector

There are many parts to the Fireworks Window
This is the Tools Panel
You will find the
---Select button
---Marquee button
---Fill color
---Line color
---and much more

Any time you see a small arrow next to an icon it means there are more choices if you click on it. As an example the marquee tool looks like a square on this image, however, it also has an Oval Marquee tool if you click on the little down arrow...

The Properties window changes based on what you have selected in the Document window. It is below the document window at the bottom of your screen.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

The book and my Lecture Assignment 01

I asked you to create folders to start the class. I had you use the term Chapter 01, Chapter 02, etc. The textbook tells you to save to Lesson01 folder.

You may use either Chapter or Lesson, they are the same thing (Potato--Potaaaauto). Your files may be either way:

Do what works best for you.
If you are having a problem with folder structure, please let me know.