Monday, January 23, 2012

Panels Dock

The Panels Dock is on the right side of the Document window.
There are many options on the panel. One thing you should practice is opening and collapsing windows. You can open and collapse these panels by double clicking on a blank space on the top of any panel.

You can make panels visible by clicking on Windows on the Menu bar at the top of the window and selecting the panel you need to see. Any panel with a checkmark by it is already visible.


  1. Hello professor. This blog is very helpful since the screencaps show where everything is in case someone gets lost during instruction. :)

    - Michelle Pheav

  2. I love the F4 button you taught us. Sometimes you just need to see the whole picture without all the mess of panels everywhere.

  3. I agree with Telysa! Although I don't use F4, I use the tab one instead -- this tip is quite useful! I was trying to test something out earlier which is to open Photoshop and see if the tab tip would work as well... and it did! :)

  4. I like the blog because it's a quick review of what we learned it the chat.